Opening minds in a world of information

The platform that Strings together information to make it make sense

String creates structures full of content that link information together and make it more understandable.

It opens doorways to new information, new connections and different perspectives.

It's proven to help students remember more and gain a deeper understanding of topics, improving their performance in exams.

Best Strings every year win funded university education

The perfect GCSE & A‑level revision tool


Accessible on any desktop or tablet

String any subject imaginable

Include deep content such as video, images and text

£19.99 per year (no purchase required to register interest)

Learn something new, using what you already know

Previously the preserve of the best schools, String’s creators are considering making it available at home. If it appeals, simply register your interest below. If enough people want it, one of the world's most innovative learning platforms will be available to you too…


We will email you if we make the platform available publicly and let you know how you can access it. We won't contact you for any other reason, nor will we share your email address with anyone else.

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